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Lessons learned — Expressing Kindness and Respecting to Others 

While Accepting and Loving Oneself

Valerie Valentina, A little girl from San Francisco. Who could have written a book about betrayal and disappointment; a book of true accounts that might have read like a fantastic work of fiction.  Instead, Valerie raised from her well of disappointments, a bucket filled with visions of opportunities.  From those depths, Valerie somehow knew she must never give up!  

While still in high school, Valerie ventured, through a youth opportunity program, to work for the  Municipal courts and later for the San Francisco Municipal Railway.  She raised a family while funding her way through college for fashion design.  

Valerie’s wearable works of art have been constant head-turners.  Her fashions have been worn by influential political leaders, high powered entertainers and department store shoppers. 

Manifesting Energy is Valerie’s way of extending her love to you…with a simple yet powerful message: Never surrender, never give up!